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“Thank you both for the help, guidance, warmth & support that you have given me over the past few weeks, this whole experience would have been far more difficult for me if I had chosen different funeral directors. Your total professionalism shone through today but it was still tempered with your very special warmth”.



“Thank you for the way you handled our friends final journey. You all displayed the perfect mix of professionalism and sympathy. I think we all came to regard you as friends and not just people doing their job, however when it did come to doing your job, your relaxed, calm manner kept us all from falling apart”.

Lal & Roger


“From the very beginning until the end I felt the gentle kindness, helpfulness and understanding, yet was aware of the smooth professional organisation and commitment to the solemnity of the occasion. We were all so glad that my step-fathers last requests were performed in such a dignified yet friendly way and I cannot thank you enough”.


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